jaime_rayne (jaime_rayne) wrote,

Oh so tired from work...

So today my day began at 4:30 in the morning. I hate getting up for work. I work at a steel mill and let me tell you factory work sucks. I have to go and do a terrible job and if thats not bad enough i have to be there for twelve hours. When I was younger I thought it would be so great to live on my own. I figured I have a nice loft apt. with a cat and a dog. I'd have a real cool job, something that all my friends would envy. And then low and behold I wake up to find myself at 21 living in an apartment that is literally seven steps long and five steps wide. I work my ass off twelve hours a day and I hate my job more then anything in the world and it is only every two weeks that a paycheck arrives to remind me why I'm there, and those are the good days. Today is not one of those days. And if thats not bad enough I live in a city where I know no one at all and spend all my time either at work, asleep, or pacing my ever growing thread bare carpet that is a crappy brown color thats so worn that only when i move the furniture can I find traces of what the original carpet looked like. I shouldn't complain I suppose, I know that other people have it much worse. I suppose I'm only disappointed to wake up and live a mediocre existence when I what so much to do something grand or elegant with my life. Needless to say that elegance is not found at #5 shears where I work at Dofasco. Honestly, this isn't they way I thought my life would be, but then I suppose that I could ask that of any one; Is this the way you thought your life would be?
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