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my clever (or not so clever) rants about life...

11 August
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*waves at everyone*

Hello out there to everyone in cyber land. My name is Jaime-Rayne. I'm a twenty-one year old female. I live in Hamilton right now, but only because I have to... my work lives here. I love to act and dance. I enjoy ballet and free stlye equally although ball room dancing has been my favorite of late. I totally love watching movies. My favorite of all time has to be Gone With the Wind, although my close second is Dogma by Kevin Smith. I have recently also become obsessed with the movie Moulin Rouge. As for the music I like... uh... I kinda like it all, although rap is my least favorite. I listen to everything from Opera to Metal, I guess it just depends on my mood. I love Madonna, although I'm sure sure if that has to do with her music or just her attitude. I also like Marylin Monroe and collect things about her. I'm a collecting freak although rececntly I seem to be very focused on collecting stuff from classic hollywood. I love to read and will read almost anything. Right now I'm reading Little Women and its fabulous. I'm studying psychology in school and hope one day to either have my own practice or to teach it at university. Sometimes I like to role play with my friends but not often, I'd rather be out dancing. I guess I'm kinda a geek, but not in the conventional way. I'm just one of those geeks that never understood the glamour of hanging out at a closed store at all hours of the night. I'm single right now, but thats by choice I'm waiting for "the one" and am positive that I'll know him when I see him. I dont have any kids and don't know if I ever will and if I do I hope to adopt. All of my friends right now are all busy getting married and having babies but that's just not for me... at least not yet. SO anyway that's me in a not-so brief mini-biography. Enjoy... *blows kisses*